Address: Via Fondo Vallone, Pacentro



This is the oldest and most important fountain of the village, whose water comes from a spring that flows about 400 meters above. It was named after the gorge nearby.  A wall in the cliffs of the valley was erected to allow the passage of the water pipe and bring water from the source to the fountain. The water in the fountain is perennial. When there was no water in the rest of the village, this fountain was the source where the population went to gather cool water.

The fountain today is the result of three steps. The first one dates back to the late fourteenth and early fifteenth century when they made the first pool consisting of five stone slabs and mainly used for watering the animals and other purposes such as washing the guts after killing of porks. The second step is dated 1931, when they added to the fountain the upper triangle still present. The last step dates back to 1934 when they added the final long pool used for washing clothes which were hung out on bushes existing on the edge of the pitch.

The loss of importance of the source, and its subsequent abandonment, began after World War II, due to the abandon of the “contrade” nearby: Guardiola, Ospedale and the one that has its name, Contrada della Fonte Vallone.