Address: Strada Statale 487, 106


The small church was built outside the walls of the medieval village. Built in the late 16th century - suggested by the style of arched entrance reminiscent of the one in the church of San Rocco in Sulmona - it has a rectangular floor plan with a single hall. In 1729 the Bishop of Sulmona Matteo Odierna ordered the closure of the central entrance with an iron gate; the two side arches were however closed with wooden doors. These last two arches - still visible outside - are concealed within the hall by the two 18th century altars of SS. Trinity and St. Rocco.At the back of the room is located the main altar in white Majella stone which houses a painting with the image of Our Lady of Grace. In the church, the ancient seat of the two Pacentro associations, are the vestments of the Confraternity of St. Anthony Abate and of St. Michael the Archangel, now no longer in existence.