Address: Via San Francesco, Pacentro


The church, located outside the walls of the village, is adjacent and connected to the Convent of the Minori. The Baroque building has a single nave covered with a barrel vault.  The side walls, punctuated by pilasters and arches, together with the side altars in baroque stucco, frame the main altar with the wooden choir behind. Above there is a dominant, majestic painting dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, by the Flemish painter Bartholomäus Spranger (Antwerp, 1546 - Prague, 1611). At the bottom of the canvas we can see a Franciscan monk with a book in his hand who is the Franciscan philosopher Duns Scotus. At the top is the painter’s self-portrait, looking at a feminine image located on the opposite side, which perhaps depicts his beloved. Two of the six altars house paintings depicting Saint Francis and the Crucifixion. Another canvas, with the image of St. Anne, was transferred during the restoration work at the Palazzo La Rocca.

The Cloister

The convent was founded in 1589 by the Minori Riformati Friars - one of the largest Franciscan families charged with the general minister of the faithful. The walls of the cloister square are painted with a series of paintings - dated 1618 - which document the life of St. Francis of Assisi, and were perhaps the work of a local artist. After the recent restoration, the structure is now used as a cultural building for exhibitions and conferences.