Address: Piazza del Popolo, Pacentro


Placed on a base formed by two circular stone steps, the fountain includes an eight-sided polygonal basin featuring recesses, floral elements in bas relief and title blocks with inscriptions which say: NIHIL. EST OPERE. AUT / MANU. FACTUM. QUOD. ALIQUANDO. / NON CONFICIAT. ET CONSUMAT CANA / VETUSTAT / NON. EST. VIRI. TIMERE. SUDOREM / LABORES. GLORIA. SEGUITUR. / DICTUM ..... SAE EST. On the side of the basin facing the parish church of S. Maria della Misericordia, there is an inscription which says: RAS 1841; and on the opposite side: R.A. 1907. These letters probably indicate the initials of the restorers and the dates of the work. At the centre of the basin there is a sturdy decorated stem supporting the upper basin which is embellished with mouldings and masks.